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The God and the King of birds is also the Mount (Vahana) of Lord Vishnu. According to the Indian mythology, an eagle called Jatayu, fought with Ravana to protect Sita.

The eagle was also the Emblem of the Gupta Dynasty whose reign is considered to be the Golden Period of Indian History.

Some unique characteristics of eagles:

  • Eagles fly very high and usually alone or with other eagles. They do not mix with other birds.
  • They have a very strong vision which is 4-5 times better than humans and can spot a prey from a distance of 3 km.
  • Eagles do not eat dead meat like vultures.
  • During a storm, when all the birds look for shelter, the eagle uses the storm to propel itself even higher eventually rising above the storm itself.
  • Eagles are monogamous and mate for life with the same partner. Also, both parents contribute in making nests and protection of their offsprings.