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 You must go on Adventures to find out where you truly belong.– Sue Fitzmaurice

Personality, in simple words, is the sum total of all qualities a person possesses and it is a product of social interaction in family, group and a team. Therefore, sociability in a group plays a pivotal role in shaping up a personality. Most of the qualities are learnt outdoors rather than indoors. Therefore, Nature, Adventure and Outdoors play a crucial role in shaping our lives and personality.


How Important is the Environment?

The environment plays a key role as it sets the limits for a personality and also provides opportunities for development. We usually have to function within the bounds of society and environment till the time we out-grow it. At that stage, our growth is never-ending and becomes irrespective of our environment.


Elements Of A Personality

A balanced upbringing, good social environment and a right mix of education, outdoor life and adventure is imperative for an all-round personality. A personality comprises of:

  • Physical appearance
  • Emotional life
  • Intellect behaviour
  • Sociability
  • Character
  • Positive & Balanced approach to life

An individual’s outlook towards life is the interplay of various domains. His behavior is the outcome of this interaction which is continuously in action. A balanced life with the right mix of indoor and outdoor, particularly with teams/groups brings out the best and nurture balanced personalities.


Developmental Domains

Interplay Of Nature & Nurture: Human behavior is an outcome of the interaction between nature and nurture, and nature plays a key role in the outcome of a behavioral pattern. It can be understood with the help of following diagram:


If Happiness is the goal, and it should be, then Adventures should be the top priority.

– Richard Branson


Effects of Physical Activities on the Mind

Physical  Activity has a direct bearing to the Brain and in the formation of a well developed personality. More so if the activity is outdoor and in natural environment. It directly impacts the following:

  • Makes the brain function at its best.
  • Improves alertness, attention & motivation.
  • Be it scoring a goal, netting a basketball or hitting a shuttlecock, sporting activities require focus which, in turn, helps boost academic performance.
  • And above all improves your speed of decision, initiative, courage and confidence which are vital ingredients of your personality.