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What is life but one grand adventure.


At Eagles Unbound, besides lots of Fun Filled Activities, Team Games, Individual and Group Obstacles, Firing, Archery, Paint Ball, Zip Line, Rope Ways and ATV, you will have an opportunity to inculcate the following qualities which are the hall mark of an individual’s character & personality:

  • Accepting Challenges & Risk Taking Ability –  life is full of challenges and we have to have a very healthy attitude towards ups and downs and challenges of life. The activities are focused in a manner that you are more likely to develop responsible attitudes towards challenges and risks.
  • Problem solving – Life is a series of problems which can be termed as challenges and opportunities. The curriculum will train you to  to take a healthy view of problem solving which you are going to  encounter and provide opportunities for decision making that stimulate problem solving and creative thinking because outdoor spaces are often more varied and less structured than indoor spaces.
  • Socialisation –  Play and Team work promotes learning about vital social skills such as team spirit, mutual respect, turn- taking, sharing, negotiation, discipline and leadership. Nature of outdoor mind games and group obstacles  set out in a natural environment is both complex and critical, this helps to improve interpersonal skills, cooperation, social adjustment, leadership and team spirit.
  • Improves Self-Discipline  – Access to green spaces, natural environment  and even a view of green settings, enhances peace, self-control  and self-discipline.
  • Improves Physical & Mental Health –  The program is set out in a manner that it stimulates both physical and mental activity and coupled with the team and inter team competitive spirit, provides a natural space for all round development and relaxation.
  • Developing an environmental identity and consciousness.
  • Developing capacities for creativity, problem-solving and intellectual development.
  •  Enhances cognitive abilities.
  • Improves Academic performance.
  • Contact with the natural world along with variety of adventure activities will significantly enhance your ability to re-discover yourself.


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